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Save Thousands Of Dollars over the Years in Electric

Skyrocketing energy bills, and the feeling that there is nothing we can do to resolve these problems ourselves.By converting Sun light into usable electricity, reduces your need to buy electricity from your Utility Company. This monthly saving compounds over the many years that your Solar Electrical system is producing usable, clean electric. Lowering your Utility Costs ,cutting taxes, auctioning SRECs and taking control of your energy needs are all ways to meet  financial expectations. Don’t wait for the Utlility bill sticker shock to worsen. Use the available technology to make your power bills more affordable.

An Investment with Great Return at Low Risk

Investing in solar electricity can beat an investment in the stock market. As soon as the Solar Electric system is activated you will produce instant dividends compounded daily. The utility electric energy ( that you avoid consuming by replacing it with solar-electric energy) is typically the most expensive energy that you purchase from the utility. An appreciation in property value is realized upon installation. This along with the auction of your solar renewable energy credit, and electric bill savings has outperformed many long term investments.

30% Tax Credits and Sunshine Rebates

Tax credits and rebates are available in many states to people and businesses who install solar powered products. Government tax credits, incentives and special financing can cut cost dramatically. For instance, the U.S. government offered a 30% tax for residential photovoltaic installations as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In late 2008, the federal solar tax credits were extended another 8 years and the $2000 maximum saving cap for residential installation was eliminated, making this a “true” 30% tax credit. See for the latest rebate and tax credit information for your area.